Masters Courses at CEPT:-


  1. M Arch in Architectural Design
  2. M Arch / MA in Conservation and Regeneration
  3. M Arch / MA in Architectural History and Theory
  4. Master of Landscape Architecture / Design
  5. MPhil/PhD in Architecture
  6. Master of Urban Planning
  7. Master of Urban Transport Systems
  8. Master of Urban Infrastructure
  9. Master of Urban Housing
  10. Master of Urban Design
  11. MPhil/PhD in Planning
  12. Master of Technology in Construction Engineering & Management
  13. Master of Technology in Structural Engineering Design
  14. Master of Technology in Geomatics
  15. Master of Technology in Building Energy Performance
  16. Master of Design in Interior Design
  17. International Master of Interior Architectural Design
  18. Master of Design in Furniture Design
  19. Master of Design in Building Products and Systems
  20. Master of Urban Management

For latest information about seats, eligibility criteria and admission important dates visit and go to ACADEMICS pages.

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