Courses after 12th , Arts , Science or Commerce.


Fashion , Design , Architecture and Fine Arts courses (Painting, Sculpture, Graphic Design, Applied Arts) after 12 th NID, NIFT, CEPT – B.Arch, SBST and Interior Design , MS University, Sir JJ, SPA etc. and exams like NATA, AIEEE (B. Arch), These are career courses after 12th which will make you a professional person. All the courses after 12th listed here are very good and if you have aptitude, you may join such career courses after 12th.

It is very crucial to take decision for your Son/Daughter’s career and courses after 12th Standard. (We advise to be clear right from 8thStandard or latest by 10th Standard)

We have observed through out our (more than) 30 years of teaching / coaching experience at various institutes of Design, Architecture, Engineering, IAS Training Institute (All Government of Gujarat Institutes), that most of the student do not have clear idea what s/he wants to become or what career or courses after 12th standard s/he likes to opt for.. S/He is carried away by the suggestions of friends, parents, teachers, etc. Many of the students do not have clear idea what courses after 12th standard are available.

If you observe your child right from childhood, and expose them to variety of activities, you may very well judge their interest and can select right course after 12th for them.

We strongly suggest all to select best courses after 12th as per your child’s hobby and interest. In today’s world, opportunity is everywhere. If your son or daughter is interested in swimming, make them champion in that field, if your daughter is interested in movie, make her career in movies … other than actor she can be a movie critics , movie journalist etc…. possibilities are endless….

We strongly suggest you all to see three movies before 👿 imposing 👿 any career course after 12th on your child.:-
(1) Tare Zameen Par
(2) Wake Up Sid
(3) 3 Idiots

Basically if you find your child is inclined to arts, creativity, a thinker, a dreamer than broadly you have four courses after 12th standard. (… and many-many more)

Remember one thing:- To go for any of the following field, your child do not need to have Science subjects at 12th standard. I strongly suggest not to opt for Science subjects if your child want to take up any of the following career. Also Remember:- For admission to B.Arch course one must have either Business Mathematics or Statistics as subject at 12th standard in Arts/Commerce. If one has opted for Science subjects, one must have Mathematics as subject. If you wish to join PREMIER architecture colleges like CEPT, SIR J.J. (Mumbai),SPA (Delhi) you must get more than 80 to 85 % in 12th standard. So think 100 time before opting for Science subjects in 12th if your dream is to join premier institute for Architecture studies. NO TRAINING FOR NATA CAN GET YOU TO SUCH INSTITUTES IF YOU SCORE LESS PERCENTAGE IN 12TH STANDARD. You can get admission in B.Arch courses at other Architecture Colleges across Gujarat and India even if you score around 65 % in 12th standard. Admission to CEPT Ahmedabad B.Arch course, SPA Dehli or Sir. J.J., Mumbai requires you to score very high percentage in 12th standard. [Admissioin to Interior Design(CEPT-SID) or Civil Engineering CEPT-SBST, are comparatively easy],

Main Choices after 12th standard:-

If one wants to become a Designer :- Join NID (National Institute of Design) (You can get NID previous years papers from us.)

If one wants to become Fashion Professional :- Join NIFT (National Institute of Fashion Technology). (You can get NIFT previous years papers from us)

If one wants to become Architect :- Join Architecture colleges like Sir. J.J , CEPT, SPA, etc. Appear for NATA exam. (You can get NATA previous years papers from us)

If one wants to become Fine Arts professional:- Join Faculty of Fine Arts, M.S.University, Vadodara or Sir. J.J. (Mumbai)

We have created detailed pages of above options separately on this site.

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