Career in Architecture Education after 12th taking NATA exam and IIT JEE Paper II and NATA coaching classes in your city


Students from 8th standard must make up their mind to choose career after 12th standard, as accordingly they must choose subjects in 11th and 12th standards.

For a few years COA allowed all students from Arts, Science and Commerce to take up Architecture as career choice. But now they have changed rules, only Science students with Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry as subjects at 12th standard will only be able to take up Architecture as career.

If you wish to become an Architect, you must select Science stream at 11th and 12th standard. Also you must opt for Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry as subjects at 12th standard.

To become an Architecture, you must take admission in to any reputed Architecture colleges. Admission to Architecture colleges are governed by state admission committee. As a first step, you should take NATA and IIT JEE Paper II (Architecture) exam and score very good marks. Your score at 12th standard must be very good too.

With 12th score and NATA/IIT JEE Paper II score, you need to apply to admission committee for admission into Architecture college. Your admission will be decided on your overall ranking in admission list. So if you score very high in 12th standard as well as in NATA / IIT JEE Paper II (Architecture) , you will get admission in to very good college.

To score very high score in NATA and IIT JEE Paper II for Architecture, contact nearest Arkin Institute NATA coaching centre for free guidance / counselling and free demo class for IIT JEE Paper II for Architecture and NATA. All the directors of Arkin Institute are Architects and you will be given guidance personally by one of the directors of  Arkin Institute. We suggest you to take appointment before visiting Arkin Centre.

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