NATA online mock tests and fully solved creative part questions :-


Arkin offers you online mock test for NATA exam as well as online access to Creative Part Questions and answers for NATA exam. Our coaching classes for NATA is almost in all cities. You can contact nearest Arkin Coaching Classes for NATA entrance exam preparation.

NATA exam has two parts. One Creative Ability Test and second is Architecture Aptitude Test or General Aptitude Test. You must score very good score in both sections to get admission in to very good architecture college.

The best way to score high marks in both part is “practice well” , read Architecture Aptitude questions again and again… Sketch well, Sketch every day situations, observe light and shadow… play with colours.

There are several books available from our web site to prepare for Aptitude Test Part. Also we offer online mock tests for both sections.

For Creative part , we offer you online book of fully solved questions of NATA creative part paper. You just have to see these solved questions and try to observe and do it of your own.. These questions are taken from previous years papers of NATA. Also we have added some probable questions in our online Solved Questions.

For Online Mock Test of Architecture Aptitude Part, we have prepared several online Mock test for NATA exam. You will be asked only around 40 questions in NATA exam, but with our online Mock Tests, you can practice  around 1000 questions , so your preparation can be very well judged by yourself.