NATA workbook for self study by Arkin


Practice book for NATA exam preparation

Arkin Institute has just launched Workbook for NATA exam preparation. This workbook is covering Creative Part of NATA exam as well as GAT part of exam.

Arkin has offered 3 Gift Coupons in this book for students to avail free online mock test as well as full refund of the book if students join any Arkin Institute.

We suggest all students and  parents to go through  this book and compare with any such book available in the market or any self study material available in the market at much higher cost and see result yourself.

This NATA workbook will help students to score more marks in NATA exam.

NATA workbook also covers solved previous years creative questions. All colour questions are given with colour solutions , so students can clearly understand importance of colour.

There are GAT part mock tests , which students can practice as well as can access online free mock test for MATHEMATICS portion.

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NATA self study workbook