Career options after 12th Commerce or 12th Science or 12th Commerce


Career choice after 12th standard

Students and parents start thinking about career choices after 12th. And they must research in depth about choices available after 12th and according to their choice they must select subjects right from 11th standard.

Broadly students either select Science in 11th and 12th or they select Commerce or Arts. Now if students are thinking of selecting creative field as their career after 12th, then they must be very clear that on toady’s date NID – NIFT – FINE ARTS – IIT (Design) career options are available for every one irrespective of their Science, Commerce or Arts background or irrespective of their subjects in 12th Standard.

If students wish to become an Architect after 12th standard, than they must opt for Science with Mathematics as subject. Commerce – Arts students will not be able to become an Architect (NATA). Also Science students without Mathematics will not be able to become an Architect.

Apart from Career after 12th in NID, IIT, NIFT or Fine Arts students with any branch Science, Commerce or Arts can opt for Career in LAW (CLAT) and career in Hotel Management.

All these courses will lead a wonderful career, provided students has right aptitude for such courses.

Career after 12th in the field of Engineering if quite known to every one. But you can find another article on Career after 12th in Engineering in IIT after taking IIT JEE exam.

Arkin Institute offers coaching in the filed of entrance exam preparation of NID,NIFT,NATA,CEPT,SPA,CEED,UCEED, IIT JEE, CLAT, HOTEL MANAGEMENT and various other career options  available after 12th standard. Generally students starts preparing from 8th standard to get very good score and ranking to get admission in very good college after 12th standard.

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