UCEED, NID and CEED exam are different than conventional entrance exam in any competitive exam preparation. Student must prepare in right direction with right guidance to prepare for such exams.




First and foremost, you must understand that these exam are not traditional exams, so thinking in traditional way will not help. 

In traditional exams like Engineering or Medical entrance exam, there are fixed syllabus,  paper style and pattern of exam paper. This  is biggest difference when it comes to UCEED, NID and UCEED. 

There is no fix syllabus of all these exams, there is no fix paper style or exam paper pattern  for all these exams. So student must prepare in holistic manner. 

Aim of preparation for UCEED, NID and CEED  should be to be aware of surroundings,  environment and observe each and everything happening around us.

One must develop observation habit, think creatively and learn methods of out of the box thinking. 

At Arkin we provide all such training through right methodology and techniques. You may visit any nearest Arkin centre to attend free counselling session and free demo class  to make yourself familiar with such learning process.