UPES : School of Design Studies (SoDS)

Design is the soul of any creation and designers are an indispensable part of almost every major industry.

Professional designing is a significant aspect of transportation, automotive and industrial sectors as it drives the innovation and development of these domains.


  • The government grants 100% FDI in automotive sector.
  • By 2020, India would have 8 million passenger cars.

This sector is of prime significance in the future as companies pertaining to transportation; automotive or industrial segments are focusing at developing futuristic products. The employment opportunities in this sector are rising with time and the future will see a high increase in demand for designers who possess the skills required for creative ideation and are well versed with modern design tools and concepts.

Career Path

  • Automotive OEMs
  • Automotive Design Studios
  • 2 Wheeler Manufacturers
  • Coach Manufacturers
  • Transportation Design Consultancy
  • Truck manufacturer
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Captive Centres of Global Auto Firms
  • Specialty Design Houses
  • Subsidiaries of Engineering Companies
  • Automobile Companies
  • Boutique Design firms

Transportation Design

Indian automotive market is witnessing a remarkable increase in automotive design centers being established.

According to Automotive Component Manufacturers Association of India (ACMA), the production of passenger vehicles in India is going to increase at 13% annual growth rate in 2012 – 2021. 3.23 million Vehicles were manufactured within 2012 – 2013.

Similarly, the aviation industry also requires designers who can help in developing aircrafts that perform better and are cost effective. This sector is also planning to enhance the passenger experience and contribute to economic growth by developing more airports and aircrafts.

Industrial & Product Design

Designing is a major aspect of various industrial segments. With the rising demand for creative designers, industrial designing is an ideal career choice. The major areas where industrial designers find opportunities to utilize their potential are Industrial Design Studios, Design Consultancy Companies, Accessory Design Companies, Furniture Design, Electronics Equipment manufacturers, Animation Studios, Entrepreneurship and more.

The chart below describes the designer’s ratio per discipline in percentage. The Industrial, automotive and retail design disciplines collectively employ around 22.63% of the total designer’s capacity in India.


The Indian Design Industry caters to various industry disciplines. The Industrial Design and Automotive & Retail Design discipline dominates with 25% share in the industry. The estimated 5% growth in industry share holding of the discipline is expected by 2015.


Graduate Programs

  • Bachelors of Design (B. Des)
  • Bachelors in Fine Arts (B. FA)

Post Graduate Programs (M. Des)

  • Masters in Transportation Design
  • Masters in Industrial Design
  • Masters in Product Design
  • Masters in Interaction Design

Admission Calendar

Important Dates

Undergraduate Programs

  1. Bachelor of Design (B.Des)

Entrance Exam: UPES Design Aptitude Test (UPESDAT) – 24th May, 2015

Interviews and Presentation of Portfolio: 7th June, 2015 in New Delhi and Dehradun (Complete venue details will be shared shortly)

Postgraduate Program

Master of Design (M.Des)

Entrance Exam: UPES Design Aptitude Test (UPESDAT) – 24th May, 2015

Interviews and Presentation of Portfolio:

  • 8th June, 2015 in New Delhi and Dehradun (Complete venue details will be shared shortly)

How to Apply

You can purchase the UPES Prospectus & Application form Online / by sending Demand Draft / by Cash.

  • By Demand Draft: Candidates can purchase the UPES Prospectus & Application Form by sending a demand draft of Rs.1,850 in favour of “UPES Fee Account”, payable at New Delhi to “University of Petroleum & Energy Studies, Enrolment Office, 210, 2ndFloor, Okhla Industrial Estate, Phase III, New Delhi 110020.”
  • By Cash: Candidates can purchase UPES Prospectus & Application on a cash payment of Rs.1,750 from admission counters at Ahmedabad / Chandigarh / Cochin / Coimbatore / Delhi / Dehradun / Hyderabad / Kolkata / Mumbai. For addresses Click Here
  • By Online: Candidates can apply for UPES Prospectus & Application Online for Rs.1,850.
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